My Web Design Flow

Here in Mexico, most of the business believe that you should build a website, and you’re all set forever. Basically, we live in a boom-bust cycle. I personally, consider that it’s not effective nor even profitable for anyone. And I am striving to change that mindset. Still, a huge portion of my clients want to start that way.

That’s why I’ve developed this workflow, to adapt my process and be able to deliver results within good standards. Based on A Website Designed by John Furness

Needless to say, I prefer projects that go for the medium-long run. That way, I can improve with actual data and user insight while using the website, which, of course, provide better results and increase the outcome (and usefulness of the website as a node in the business plan).

UPDATE: After some reviews from peers and awesome people involved in Web Design, User Experience, Product managers, and Business Owners, as of August 2018 this is the latest version.

Feel free to share it and use it, just let me know!

And if you’ve got any comments, feedback or whatnot mail me.